OC Hosting & Velocity Networks are upgrading

OC Hosting & Velocity Networks are upgrading to an improved web hosting solution with the launch on our new system scheduled for this month - November 2007. This upgrade will substantially improve the flexibility of your web site and the associated management tools. The upgrade is part of our strategy to offer our clients the best possible service at a reasonable price.

How does this benefit your business?

For starters, you will have a variety of hosting packages from which to choose with total storage varying from 750MB to 6GB. As a new addition, Email only packages will be available with a choice of POP or Business class mail (IMAP –leave mail on server). The site administration interface and tools are more comprehensive and easier to use.

Setup your Email Accounts on the New Platform! Click Here!

IMPORTANT! Before you make any changes to your site, download the newest version from our platform.

FTP (Download) your content

Download the most up to date version of your site from our new platform to your computer. Changes were required in order to facilitate the functionality of your website on our new platform (See Legacy Platform/New Platform Table Below). Once you have downloaded your content, you will be able to modify your website. When you have made all the changes, save your files and upload the content to our platform.

The following FTP Conventions are required in order to download content from our platform:

  1. FTP Address: domain.tld
  2. FTP Username: domain.tld
  3. FTP Password: your domain password
  4. FTP Port: 21

If you are using FrontPage, you will need to reverse publish content to your computer.

To reverse publish you will need to do the following:

  1. Open FrontPage and select File >Open/Open Web/Open Site (this may vary based on the version of FrontPage you are using).
  2. Enter the domain name in the following format: http://domain.tld
  3. Click "Open."
  4. Enter your username (domain.tld) and password (your domain password) and click "OK."
  5. With the website open on FrontPage, select Publish Site / Publish Destination (this may vary based on the version of FrontPage you are using)
  6. Specify a location on your computer (i.e. desktop).
  7. Create or select a directory you wish to place your content. Click "OK." ***You may see the following prompt "Would you like FrontPage to create web (Click "OK." if you see the prompt)." When you reverse publish, be sure to specify sub webs if they are present.
  8. Click "Publish." The content should be downloaded from our platform to your computer.
  9. Once you have successfully reverse published the content to your computer. You will be able to begin modifying your site. When you have finished editing your website, you may click "Publish" and publish the content back onto our platform
Legacy Platform
New Platform








To retrieve email from the legacy platform you will need to set up your account in your mail client with the following information:

Email Address: email@domain.com

Password: your email password

Mail Setting in your Email Client: legacy.domain.com

Retrieving Mailing Lists /private/mail-list directory 

Auto Responder Messages



Login to http://webmail.ochosting.com
Go to "Preferences" and click on "Auto Reply Messages" to set up your auto responder message.


Mail SMTP Port was 26

Please update SMTP to Port 1025

Email Accounts

You should still be able to login with your existing email passwords.

Multiple domain management within CPANEL

To manage a domain you will now need to login to WebsiteOS at http://ochosting.com/login.html

Directory structure changes
Was - doc root was /public_html
cgi-bin alias was /public_html/cgi-bin


Legacy paths were converted to the following:
Now - doc root /public
cgi-bin alias /cgi-bin



Some new features to note include…

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Bandwidth on Demand -- no caps or extra charges for high bandwidth usage
  • 24 X 7 Help Desk Support
  • Email auto responder capability
  • Calendar Application for your site
  • Blog Builder
  • File Restore – Make stress free changes knowing your original is backed-up
  • DNS Manager – Change your DNS online
  • More Open Source Programming Options -- CGI-Bin and Perl
  • More Microsoft technologies supported (Front Page, Active Server Pages, Access Databases, SQL Server Databases)


What is the impact to my site?

There will be no impact to your production site(s). You will notice new features and functionality in the administrative interface. After the migration to the new system is complete, you may want to subscribe to additional features. More news about this will be forthcoming.

What other changes I should know about?

Your Credit Card Statement will now reflect a charge from INFB (Internet Names for Business) in place of OC Hosting. This is part of our hosting system/billing platform upgrade. The monthly/yearly amounts charged to your Credit Card will remain the same.

What is going to happen to my existing C-Panel control panel?

OC Hosting is upgrading the existing C-Panel control panel to a proprietary administrative interface called 'WebsiteOS.' The core functionality of the control panel remains the same while providing a new and improved design and navigation structure, in addition to new applications, features and functions!